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The Pursuit of Legacy

Happy New Year! and welcome to our first blog post. We are an Italian and British bespoke tailoring academy located in Seoul, South Korea founded by master tailor Young Ho Kwon. He is the director of Dux Elegantiae and Merceria Magnifica, as well as an instructor at Savile Row Academy in London.

Over the years, Young Ho Kwon gathered the necessary skills to master the art of bespoke tailoring. He strongly believes that this experience should be passed down from generation to generation, which is why he started this academy and has committed to the quality of it ever since. He himself designed and built pattern/sewing tables, shelves and some of the equipment in the classroom.

This blog will be dedicated to updating you on bespoke tailoring techniques, academy daily, as well as information on our academy. Please always feel free to leave comments or contact us for more information.

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