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Italian Bespoke Jacket Pattern Making Course

Featured Image (1200 x628) Jacket Pattern Making Course

This course will enable students to draft patterns for different styles of jacket. All the bespoke tailoring pattern systems used in this course were created by Master Tailor Youngho Kwon.

Course Objectives:

  • Taking Measurements (1 video)
  • Single Breasted Jacket Pattern Making ( 2 videos)
  • Double Breasted Jacket Pattern Making (1 video)
  • Jacket Collar Pattern Making (1 video)
  • Jacket Sleeve Pattern Making (1video)

Course Instructor : Prof. Youngho Kwon

Interpreter : MINDONG PARK

Editor / Student Tech Support : REINA INOGUCHI

Italian Bespoke Jacket Pattern Making -1 Month

1 month of access

Students can access to the course videos for 1 month after the payment has completed. 

Required equipment and tools for this course

  • Handout (Download PDF file and print in color)
  • Measurement Tape (Recommended to have a measurement tape which has both cm and inches)
  • Grading Ruler (60cm or longer)
  • Tailoring Curved Rulers (*Students can purchase at AASE)
  • Armhole Ruler (*Students can purchase at AASE)
  • Paper Shears
  • Pattern Paper
  • Tailoring Chalk
  • Pencil

It is recommended to watch course videos on a PC or a tablet.

If you have any questions about this course, please contact us.

admissions.aase@gmail.com (Please white your name as well as the course name when sending email to us.)